Monday, July 25, 2016

Rare Bears for the Nat'l MPS Society

I finished this years Rare Bears & sent them off to the MPS Society office today . These are truly a labor of love . They will be sold at the upcoming MPS family conference to raise funds for research for this devastating disease  . This disease took my beloved niece 4 years ago at age 17. 
Folks always comment that they take so much time & I'm so talented - neither is true as the embroidery machine does 75 % of the work . 
I'm very blessed to have the ability to help raise funds & awareness for MPS . These families & kids are truly the most amazing group !!!
On to the baby shower favors ! 
Can't spill the beans yet as I'm not sure if my niece will see this , but planning & sewing for this shower have been great. 
It's gotten more difficult to sew for DGD as she lives so far away & I don't see the items I've made .
I'm also making something to wear for the shower in the theme of the shower 😍😍😍
Table runners & a skirt are next ! 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Gourmet Club - Bernina

Yeah I finished 2 projects this month .  My Gourmet Club at my Bernina store is a fun, encouraging group of ladies . The Bernina staff are so helpful & encouraging as well. 
I also finished the DiVa club project but need to take some pictures . I am on a roll with sewing during the kitchen remodel - can't cook or clean so sewing is a top priority !!
Garment sewing has not been happening . I'm frustrated by that , but I have a few things cut out. It has been hard to start a bigger project like a garment when the house is torn up . It's a mental thing for me , but I am sewing lots of other things -so all is good . 
I also took a break from charity sewing for the Sumer . I love making the Onsies & items for the hospitals , but I have really been able to concentrate on other sewing . It surprisingly feels good . 
Lots of items & ideas on the cutting table 😍

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Back to the pattern drawing board

Well ...
I hate when the idea in my head doesn't match the reality ! 
The voile just didn't work for the pattern I chose- so back to the pattern box ! 

Friday, July 1, 2016

Back in the saddle

I finished a birthday gift for DGD & my tool tote bag . Both projects were great & came out much better than I expected . But both projects required lots of concentration to cut out & sew. I'm glad those projects are behind me . I haven't made a garment for myself in many months so it felt good to cut out a top . I bought this cotton voile at Metro Textiles when we visited NYC in May for our sons PhD graduation . 
This voile has such a nice drape . I think it will be a nice cool summer top . It might be a bit sheer ,but I'm going with this pattern as it has tucks . So the sheerness may not be a factor . I can always add a cami if needed. 
Happy 4th of July weekend !

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Sewing -sewing-sewing

A view of my dining table -full of projects, patterns etc. There are even a few clothing projects hidden in there . A shirt dress & a skirt to be exact. But I'm trying to first finish a couple of UFO bags & a birthday gift for DGD . The birthday gift a small tote called The Classmate- from Atkinson Designs. My Bernina Gourmet Club did this in the spring & I was sidetracked with a family emergency. But now it's cut out & in progress with a deadline of August . My girl friend made 3 for her triplet grandchildren -she set the bar very high !!!!
I hope to have more pictures soon of finished projects . During the kitchen remodel I hope to have LOTS of time to sew !!!! Besides it sure beats being outside inthe AZ. summer heat . 

The corner of this picture has the fabrics I'm using for the classmate . DGD loves yellow & Science like her daddy . The afghan is for a shower gift for a future nieclette! 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Really sewing this time !

I was stunned that I hadn't blogged since April - but the last 2 months have been a mixture of helping a family member , travel , #1sons PhD graduation , time in NYC with Son, WDIL & of course DGD . 
But as you can see by my smile as a sewer I managed to squeeze in some fabric shopping in Dublin. I bought 2 pieces of Irish Linen 😍😍
I also bought fabric while in NYC at Mood & Metro Textiles. 
The travel was wonderful & the family member I was also helping  seems to be improving as well so TIME TO SEW!!! 
What to make first can be paralyzing , but I'm spending some quality time in the sewing room thinking things through . I usually just jump right into a project & many times realize I either don't have enough fabric, or the fabric isn't right for the pattern. So..,
I'm working on slowing the process down & thinking !!!
My charity sewing is really helping that  process. I can sit at my serger & make baby Onsies for our CCS group for the local hospitals. While doing this I feel I have time to look at my cutting table for inspiration . 
Some loose cotton voile tops seem to end calling my name ! 
But that skirt & table runner ...

Monday, April 11, 2016

Yeah Sewing again !

Snap bags are such a fun,fast project ! 
I needed some quick gifts as I was meeting friends for one friends birthday . 
Maybe someday I'll make up these type of gifts ahead of time so I'm not always in such a rush . 
Ha ha 
I have my Gourmet Sewing club project cut out & pressed  for Thursday's club meeting. 
It's the tool tote by Penny Sturgis . Lots of pieces but will be very cute. 
Wed is Embroidery club - I don't have that project organized yet . We are embroidering the Lazy Girl Bendy Bag .
Garment sewing I miss you !!!!!