Monday, January 25, 2016

Sandra Betzina hands on workshop

wow-wow-wow !!! It was great & I'll do a detailed post after I get home . DH came up and met me after the week & we are spending a long  weekend in Napa. Pre BIG birthday trip !

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Julia Cardigan - first make of 2016

My first make of 2016 was the Julia Cardigan by Mouse House Creations 
This went together so fast & was a much needed quick project to get my sewing mojo going for the year. I used a sweater knit that I had purchased at Michael Levine . I was a nice lightweight washable knit . The colors-black,cream & silver sparkles don't show up in the picture but make this a casual or dressy topper. I have many more plans for this pattern .

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas gifts finished

Woo hoo ! Christmas gifts are now all finished . 
I made an apron for DGD & sent at Christmas . It was Christmas fabric but I had also promised another apron . I never heard from them how it really fit so I had to guess again on the size . I also made a potholder/mitt & chefs hat. I was able to find those patterns free online. My girl friend measured her DGD's head . The apron is reversible & from Cindy Taylor Oats booklet of kids aprons. 

I also finished 43 Onsies for new babies at the hospital & cut up several hundred yds of ribbing for our group to use on the Onsies. The ribbing company sent the bolt in a huge format. We all called it the Whale & it was in the way in the storage closet & hard to lift to cut pieces off. But with some help from DH it's more manageable !!!! 

Now on to the table runner & skirt on the cutting table ...

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!! 
I did the above photo as a top 9 of 2015 . 
It was fun to look back at some of my makes of the year .
But somewhat surprising as I thought I had made more garments for me. I sewed more in 2015 than ever , but need to add more garments in 2016 . I know I love machine embroidery & do make lots of embroidered items . It was actually hard to pick my top favs from those. I made items for DGD also but don't have pictures without her in them. They don't want me to post her picture . 
I crocheted 10 afghans this year for the Christ Child Society of Phoenix. My goal was one a month so I was very close ��. I also made 3 quilts & 284 Onsies for our local hospitals . 
I made many more things this year - it's nice for me to list those things , especially as a feel sometimes that I'm not sewing as much as I'd like . 
On to 2016 sewing ...
A skirt , table runner & much more ! 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas sewing

I have been doing lots of machine embroidery projects this season . 
These little pillows are so addictive - in fact I've made 8 of them . They take about 45 minutes on the machine , but that time gives me an opportunity to clean the sewing room -ha ha .

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Some holiday sewing done

Holiday Sewing for the New Yorkers done & delivered . It was a great Thanksgiving being with them . A certain 2 yr old has captured our hearts !!!
My embroidery machine worked overtime to finish the projects below. 
I made 14 of the pumpkin silverware holders - a 
I love her $5 Friday specials .

The napkins are Gingerbread Bites by Claudias Creations - she's a hometown girl & teaches at MY Bernina store :) 
The bottom photo is an Advent Calendar you string on a ribbon . It's another picklepie design ! 
Not sure what else is up next on my sewing list , but have a couple of pillows, table runner or 2 & of course some skirts for the holidays.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Busy Bernina club week

It's been a very busy sewing week & pictures will be up soon. I had 2 days of Christ Child sewing - I finished 12 Onsies & I baby quilt to turn in . As Always I brought home lots of onsies to finish . We have less ladies who serge this year so it will be a struggle to meet our goal of 2000 onsies for local hospitals .
I also had my 2 Bernina club sewing meetings this week. It's sometimes nice to have both the Embroidery club & the Gourmet sewing club the same week. But just getting the supplies ready this week about did me in.
I'm finishing  an embroidered advent calendar for a certain DGD as well as Gingerbread bite napkins . All done in the hoop - all are Pickle Pie Designs . Then we made a Kimberbell pillow in Gourmet. It's pieced with fusible appliqué -Christmas themed .
Again pictures will be up soon !!!!

No garment sewing this month . Still hoping to finish a Marcy Tilton tee before Thanksgiving trip to NYC .

Next up on the cutting table- Christmas themed pillowcases, Marcy Tilton tee or 2 homemade gifts for Embroidery club potluck, embroidered gifts for friend get together , onsies & & &