Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paris bag & purse finished with time to spare

I made another London City Bag in Paris fabrics . It went together much faster & I only had to watch the you tube video once on putting on the slider on the handle .  I didn't get a picture of all 4 of the little pouches I made , but those were a fun in the hoop project fro zippy designs - boutique bags 
Now I just have to finish packing .

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Belcarra top

This fabric is so pretty UP CLOSE - it looks blah from a few feet away & I'm so very disappointed!! It was not cheap & I got it last trip to NYC. I love the colors & it goes with so many skirts etc, but I'm not sure if it will look like it matches from afar. I'm also struggling with the Belcarra. I need to learn an FBA so this top is not so baggy at the waist. I even put long darts in ,  it the fabric is a tad sheer & that's where your focus goes - so I'm taking them out .  Still struggling with patterns that look good on my body type as well as fabrics that work for the pattern. Lots of learning to do ��

Monday, June 1, 2015

Travel May - whew

A friend asked the other day how my trip was . I saw her the day after we flew back from NYC . So I replied " Great flew in last night " . She said " How long was the cruise "?  . I told her I wasn't on a cruise we were visitng Son,DIL & DGD. She kept asking what happened to the cruise. We had a good laugh when I said the cruise was great but a memory as I had been several places since the cruise !!!!
I didn't tell her we were getting ready for our June river cruise to France & Paris. Wow I'm so lucky & blessed .
The dress for DGD & marching doll dress were a big hit . I'm not sure she totally understand s yet about playing dolls & changing clothes but it was so fun to see a creation I made on someone I love !!
She of course was being a 21 month old & wouldn't look at camera or smile on cue.

Big sewing day today - CLEANING THE SEWING ROOM !!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Quilt cruise to Eastern Carribean

The Quilting cruise was so much fun ! We cruised the Eastern Carribean- sewed on the cruising days & had lots of fun in between. I went with a CCS friend who is a great quilter. I am not as experienced as she is, but I did learn a lot . I even kept up with the pattern which was my biggest fear- falling behind. The pattern ,kit, prizes, giveaways were from a local quilt shop - 3 Dudes.
Quilts At Sea - Michelle Jackson was the overall organizer. The highlight for me was going to a Batik factory on St Kitts for a private tour& making our own piece of Batik.
Another highlight- there were many !!! Was winning the sewing machine on board the cruise. A Florida dealer provided all sewing machines . He gives away a starter machine & I WON IT . The stipulation was it be given to a new beginning sewer. So my niece Abby Rose got a call from me when we landed in Ft Lauderdale that she would get sewing lessons from me & a new machine !!
She was thrilled & so am I !!!!!!
My almost finished top- just need to add border . A Batik kit with several choices of colors was included in our quilt package .
A view of the process of making our own piece of Batik . 
Great trip & motivation ������

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

AZ Gives & Quilting Cruise

AZ Gives was a huge success for The Christ Child Society of Phx . We raised over $2300. Now we can add diapers back to our Layettes . I have 29 onsies to drop off this morning . I didn't get my March goal of an afghan or baby quilt finished , but...
I'm heading to FL tomorrow or an eastern Caribbean quilting cruise . I'm Very excited, but nervous. The friend I'm going with is a superior quilter & I'm NOT. I'm hoping to learn  a lot & have FUN . we had to make mug rugs for an exchange with fellow quilters . Mine is machine embroidered ,after 3 tries of binding it's done .
Need to get packing & hoping to save room in suitcase for visit to Batik factory !!!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

London City Bag

First time using a slider- It ACTUALLY worked to make the handle have a double slider.  I can use the bag now as a cross body or shoulder bag.  I WILL be using this on all future bags.  I watched a
you tube video  to add this feature.  I watched it 4 times, as it worked so slick. I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE that I figured this out.  I like this pattern as well.  It was a class I took as part of Gourmet Club at Bernina Connection.  I plan to make another for an upcoming trip, but I will make a little bit smaller.  Id like to use this one for a few weeks and then decide. All batiks were from my stash. Soft & stable was used as it is a foam & gave great body to the bag.
Thanks to   Kyle sent me the link to the Etsy shop where she bought her sliders. I bought the lobster claw/ swivel hooks at my Bernina store ,but have also gotten them from . 


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ist make of the year

Finally my first clothing make of the year . I started this skirt in October & finished it yesterday . It's a fully lined skirt made of quilting cotton . Very simple but glad to have finally made something !!!
I wore this skirt last night to dinner with friends . My friend said cute skirt before I even had a chance to say I had made it . I thought I had the lining a good inch shorter than the hem, but it showed when I walked in the front . So... Need to trim that off.